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The ImmPort team is in the process of updating and adding to existing data submission documentation. During the updating process, older versions of this content can be found by clicking on this link or this link.

ImmPort Data Upload Workflow and Templates

Data Submission

ImmPort staff can help you understand the data deposition process, which Data Upload Templates you need, how to complete them and in what order. Please contact us at

  • A set of decision tree diagrams is available to explain the order of data uploads and the types of templates to use.
  • Data is deposited in private workspaces and access control is specified by the data providers. Please contact us to set up a private workspace. Data is shared from private workspaces at the discretion of the data providers and their funding agency. Citing your ImmPort study is straightforward.
  • Guide to Data Upload Templates (PDF)
  • Data Upload Templates Package (ZIP)
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