Individual markers in a cell population definition are captured and annotated with preferred names.

Name Type Description Foreign Key
fcs_analyzed_result_marker_id int(11) Primary key.
population_marker_preferred varchar(500) This is the population_marker_preferred field.
population_marker_reported varchar(500) This is the population_marker_reported field.
preferred_analyte_accession varchar(15) Foreign key reference to the LK_ANALYTE table. lk_analyte.analyte_accession
result_id int(11) This is the result_id field. fcs_analyzed_result.result_id
Name Column Description
PRIMARY fcs_analyzed_result_marker_id BTREE
fk_fcs_analyzed_result_marker_1 result_id BTREE
fk_fcs_analyzed_result_marker_2 preferred_analyte_accession BTREE
Tables that Reference this Table
Name Column Table Reference Column Reference