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Study Information


The following endpoints are designed to return information for a specific study. These endpoint return data in JSON or TSV format and DO require an authentication/authorization token.


To try out these endpoints, please visit this link OpenAPI - Swagger Documention


Endpoint Description BASE URL + Endpoint
Study Return study level information {StudyAccession}
AdverseEvent Return adverse event information adverseEvent/{StudyAccession}
Arm or Cohort Return Arm information arm/{StudyAccession}
Assessment Return assessment information assessment/{StudyAccession}
BioSample Return biosample information biosample/{StudyAccession}
Condition or Disease Return condition or disease information condition/{StudyAccession}
Contract Return contract information contract/{StudyAccession}
Demographic Return subject demographic information demographic/{StudyAccession}
Experiment Return experiment information experiment/{StudyAccession}
Expsample Return experiment sample information expsample/{StudyAccession}
Study File Return study file information file/{StudyAccession}
Immune Exposure Return immune exposure information immuneExposure/{StudyAccession}
Inclusion Exclusion Return inclusion/exclusion information inclusionExclusion/{StudyAccession}
Intervention Return intervention information intervention/{StudyAccession}
Lab Test Return lab test information labTest/{SudyAccession}
Study Link Return study link information link/{SudyAccession}
Personnel Return personnel information personnel/{SudyAccession}
Planned Visit Return planned visit information plannedVisit/{SudyAccession}
Protocol Return protocol information protocol/{SudyAccession}
Pubmed Return pubmed information pubmed/{SudyAccession}