Autoimmune liver disease panel An autoimmune liver disease panel is a group of tests that is done to check for autoimmune liver disease.
Blood Cell Count The determination of the number of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets in a blood sample.
Blood Cell Count with Differential A hematologic procedure to determine the number of red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets, including the white cell differential count and red cell morphology, in a blood sample.
Blood Flow Cytometry Flow cytometry used to examine and quantitate the constituents of the blood.
Blood Measurement A measurement of the blood, it's contents, cells or other factors contained within the blood.
Chemistry Test A laboratory test designed for the quantification of an organic or inorganic chemical within a biological specimen.
Comprehensive Metabolic Panel Comprehensive Metabolic Panel
Drug Test A laboratory test of biological material such as blood, urine, hair, saliva or sweat, used to detect the presence of a drug or its metabolites with in the body.
Fasting Lipid Profile Fasting Lipid Profile
Hormone measurement The determination of the amount of hormone present in a sample.
Immunology Test Laboratory test involving interaction of antigens with specific antibodies
Laboratory test related to hemostasis Laboratory test related to hemostasis
Mixed-Meal Tolerance Test Mixed-Meal Tolerance Test
Protein or Enzyme Type Measurement A term that refers to a chemistry test measuring a specific protein or enzyme in the peripheral blood or body fluid.
Renal Function Test A laboratory procedure that evaluates the kidney function.
serum antibody level A measurement of the amount of an immunoglobulin molecule possessing a specific amino acid sequence that binds to a specific antigen, a substance introduced into an organism which initiates an immune response including the production of the very antibodies which bind to it in an effort to destroy it, in a specified sample of serum, the clear liquid that separates from blood after it has clotted completely, i.e. blood plasma from which fibrinogen has been removed. [ Dorland:Dorlands_Illustrated_Medical_Dictionary--31st_Ed ]
Serum protein electrophoresis Serum protein electrophoresis
Thyroid Panel Thyroid Panel
Total Protein Measurement A quantitative measurement of the amount of total protein present in a sample.
Urinalysis Laboratory analysis of urine, commonly used to aid in the diagnosis of disease or to detect the presence of a specific substance. It involves examination of the urine by physical or chemical means as well as microscopic examination that helps to screen for urinary tract infections, renal disease, and diseases of other organs, that result in abnormal metabolites (break-down products) appearing in the urine.
Vitamin measurement Vitamin level