cells cell count
cells/ml A unit of cell concentration expressed in cells per unit of volume equal to one milliliter.
cells/ul A unit of cell concentration expressed as a number of cells per unit volume equal to one microliter.
Gy A SI derived unit of absorbed radiation dose. One gray is equal to an absorbed dose of one joule per kilogram of matter, or to 100 rads.
MFI at 90th percentile Mean Fluorescence Intensity at 90th Percentile. MFI : A unit of measure equal to the geometric mean fluorescence intensity of a log-normal distribution of fluorescence signals.
Not Specified No value provided. Not stated explicitly or in detail.
percentage A fraction or ratio with 100 understood as the denominator. e.g. percentage of a cell population of interest within a parent population
stim/unstim fold change Fold change comparing stimulated vs unstimulated sample