Material used to measure an ANALYTE.

Name Type Description Foreign Key
reagent_accession varchar(15) Primary key
analyte_accession varchar(15) Foreign key reference to LK_ANALYTE lk_analyte.analyte_accession
analyte_preferred varchar(100) Preferred analyte name
analyte_reported varchar(200) Reported analyte name
antibody_registry_id varchar(250) Reference to to describe antibody based reagents
catalog_number varchar(250) An identifier provided by the vendor source
clone_name varchar(200) Reported name of molecular entity used to make a reagent
contact varchar(1000) Whom to contact
description varchar(4000) Free text to expand upon details
is_set varchar(1) (Y/N) field to indicate whether or not the reagent is a member of a set or collection
lot_number varchar(250) Identifies a specific version
manufacturer varchar(100) Name of the reagent manufacturer.
name varchar(200) Name or identifier.
reporter_name varchar(200) Name or identifier
type varchar(50) Category
weblink varchar(250) Link to URL
workspace_id int(11) Foreign key reference to WORKSPACE table workspace.workspace_id
Name Column Description
PRIMARY reagent_accession BTREE
idx_reagent_workspace workspace_id BTREE
fk_reagent_2 type BTREE
fk_reagent_3 analyte_accession BTREE
Tables that Reference this Table
Name Column Table Reference Column Reference
expsample_2_reagent reagent_accession reagent reagent_accession
reagent_set_2_reagent reagent_accession reagent reagent_accession
reagent_set_2_reagent reagent_set_accession reagent reagent_accession