Active Comparator Arm An arm describing the active comparator.
Experimental Arm An arm describing the intervention or treatment plan for a group of participants in the study receiving test product(s).
Healthy Control A healthy subject that is matched with an affected individual in a trial.
Intervention An activity that produces an effect, or that is intended to alter the course of a disease in a patient or population. This is a general term that encompasses the medical, social, behavioral, and environmental acts that can have preventive, therapeutic, or palliative effects.
Negative Control A control sample where a negative result is expected, to help correlate a positive result with the variable being tested.
No Intervention Arm A study arm without an intervention or treatment.
Observational Studies among cancer patients and healthy populations that involve no intervention or alteration in the status of the participants.
Other Other or unknown type of study arm
Placebo Comparator Arm An arm describing the placebo comparator.
Positive Control A control sample that is known to produce a positive result if the test is working as expected.
Sham Comparator Arm An arm describing the sham comparator.
Treatment Arm A specific treatment plan within a clinical trial that describes the activities a subject will be involved in as he or she progresses through the study.
Vaccination Administration of vaccines to stimulate the host's immune response. This includes any preparation intended for active immunological prophylaxis or treatment.