Pubmed records associated with a STUDY.

Name Type Description Foreign Key
study_accession varchar(15) Foreign key reference to the STUDY table study.study_accession
pubmed_id varchar(16) Pubmed identifier for the article
authors varchar(4000) list of authors of the article
doi varchar(100) Digital object identifier (DOI) is a type of persistent identifier used to uniquely identify objects
issue varchar(20) Journal issue in which the article was published
journal varchar(250) Publication in which the article appears
month varchar(12) Month that the article was published
pages varchar(20) Number of pages in the article
title varchar(4000) Title of the article as it appears in Pubmed
workspace_id int(11) Foreign key reference to WORKSPACE table
year varchar(4) Year that the article was published
Name Column Description
PRIMARY study_accession BTREE
Tables that Reference this Table
Name Column Table Reference Column Reference