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Q2 2023 Software Release

Release Date

April 10, 2023.

  • SeroNet studies will now be findable via an intuitive new search interface within ImmPort. Please follow the link to start exploring SeroNet studies

  • SeroNet is led by National Cancer Institute (NCI), in close collaboration with the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and involves 25 of the nation’s top biomedical research institutions.

Data Management and Sharing Plan

Jira Tasks


ID-5020 SeroNet requested that study_file's with a study_file_type = "JSON Summary Description" NOT be included in the SharedData

ID-4790 immport-angular-core: Override global banner message display from the application config

ID-4905 Seronet - UI Interface

ID-4917 Extend ImmPort CDT to search STUDY_FILE_TYPE in free text search and text suggestions

ID-4918 Create a new static page for the Data Management and Sharing Plan in MkDocs

ID-4925 Add a field to the Seronet json to include geriatric, pregnant, and pediatric if they have corresponding subjects fields in the inclusion as YES

ID-4926 Develop Seronet Detail Page

ID-4927 Link from the Seronet CDT and Detail Page to the ImmPort Detail and CDT Page

ID-4928 Link from the ImmPort CDT to Seronet CDT

ID-4929 Study Type and Clinical Study Design are not required fields . When empty should be replaced with Not Applicable

ID-4930 All controlled vocabularies fields in Seronet JSON should have the right case-sensitivity

ID-4931 Add Number of subjects as a Facet on Seronet CDT

ID-4932 Age Range Facet on Seronet CDT

ID-4933 Implement Enrollment Date Facet on Seronet CDT

ID-4934 Enhance suggestions field in the Serinet JSON with data from the fields specified by Seronet.

ID-4935 Enhance the ImmPort Json with Seronet specific fields in the Data Release Process

ID-4940 Issues when the search text contains special characters in the seronet cdt

ID-4941 Add status_statement to the seronet detail page

ID-4945 Enrollment Date Change does not refresh the results

ID-4958 Suggested Order of the Seronet Facets

ID-4959 Separate assessments to a separate section

ID-4960 The Seronet icon on the Resources page should directly link to the Seronet Search Interface

ID-4961 Feedback button on the CDT Page should point to Seronet CDT Feedback and not ImmPort CDT Feedback

ID-4962 When you click the cart on the Seronet CDT and go to Data Browser , all the links back to the search interface should point to Seronet CDT

ID-4964 Enable Jenkins to deploy apps to the Stage environment

ID-4968 planned visit Range(Days) it shows “0 to”

ID-4969 The error message reads “End Date cannot be greater than Start Date” (this should be End Date cannot be before Start Date)

ID-4970 Links on the resource page not working

ID-4971 Link protocol to the protocol tab to the download browser

ID-4972 Details page, no spaces between Ab isotypes

ID-4975 Charts:  removed decimals

ID-4976 Identifier: column:  Recommendation is to remove 2nd Identifier column or replace with the ImmPort DOI.

ID-4977 When a facet is selected, add it to the CDT table (if not already displayed).

ID-4978 Facet - Genus and species - total count should be equal or more than the total record count

ID-4986 Remove Study Name in detail page, Remove Planned id and add Planned order number, change facet grouping name from "Subject" grouping to "Cohort Characteristics"

ID-4987 Rename the “Subject” facet grouping section to “Cohort Characteristics”

ID-4988 SARS_CoV2 virus variant new field - add the new field to the facet, CDT table, detail page and Search

ID-4989 Study Name and Publication Title are duplicative for us. Please remove Study Name on the Detail Page

ID-4990 Remove visit ID and substitute for order number

ID-4996 Feedback from Phase 2 and 3 testing

ID-5003 Auto display of banner Start and End Date

ID-5023 Update configuration for Q2 release in QA and production repos and update Production Load Balancer

ID-5025 Q2 Software release QA testing

ID-5027 Add the DMSP link to the ecosystem bar in MKDocs

ID-5029 QC and rebuild the index with the new JSON files

ID-5030 Fix galaxy R environment errors post Ubuntu upgrade

ID-5033 Investigate undeliverable messages from - missing authentication

ID-5035 Enable Admin to search by Email address


ID-4919 Data Model - Vaccine Ontology Dead Link

ID-4953 Modify immport-authorization-server to remove local AuthorizationServerProperties

ID-4954 Set ignoreUnknownFields = true in all apps

ID-4955 Add immport-token-client-scopes property back to

ID-4965 The twitter box on the ImmPort ecosystem home page is over flowing into the footer of the page

ID-5018 Consume the latest 2.1.5 version of immport-angular-core in all angular apps

ID-5019 Update production load balancer and config server for immport-resources

ID-5021 Migrate gradle-node-plugin to com.github.node-gradle

ID-5052 In the facet for Virus Target, ‘HCoVs Seasonal (OC43, HKU1, NL63, 299E)’ shows 11 studies, but selecting this field does not return any studies.