Captures results of immune exposure.

Name Type Description Foreign Key
exposure_accession varchar(15) The primary key for the Immune Exposure table
arm_accession varchar(15) The study arm to which the subject is associated arm_2_subject.arm_accession arm_or_cohort.arm_accession
disease_ontology_id varchar(100) The disease ontology ID associated with the disease
disease_preferred varchar(250) The preferred disease associated with the exposure
disease_reported varchar(550) This indicated the specific disease of the host associated with the exposure
disease_stage_preferred varchar(50) The preferred disease stage associate with the the exposure. The Disease Stage reflects the stage of the disease at the time the experimental data was generated.
disease_stage_reported varchar(100) This provides a broad classification of how the disease has progressed. The Disease Stage reflects the stage of the disease at the time the experimental data was generated.
exposure_material_id varchar(100) The NCBI or Vaccine Ontology ID associated with the exposure material.
exposure_material_preferred varchar(200) The preferred exposure material associated with the process
exposure_material_reported varchar(200) This describes what substance(s) the host is exposed to and/or develops immune reactions to as part of the exposure process.
exposure_process_preferred varchar(100) The preferred exposure process
exposure_process_reported varchar(100) This identifies the type of process through which a host is exposed and the type of evidence for that exposure to have happened, which are tightly intertwined. This is the only element of the four that is always mandatory.
subject_accession varchar(15) The subject associated with the Immune exposure record arm_2_subject.subject_accession subject.subject_accession
Name Column Description
PRIMARY exposure_accession BTREE
idx_immune_arm_accession arm_accession BTREE
idx_immune_subject_accession subject_accession BTREE
fk_immune_exposure_1 arm_accession BTREE
fk_immune_exposure_1 subject_accession BTREE
fk_immune_exposure_4 exposure_process_preferred BTREE
fk_immune_exposure_5 exposure_material_preferred BTREE
fk_immune_exposure_6 disease_preferred BTREE
fk_immune_exposure_7 disease_stage_preferred BTREE
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