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June 2022 Software Release

Change to API Access endpoint

To make the ImmPort access token compliant with OpenID, the label in the token endpoint was changed from token to access_token. If you are using Python, shell scripts etc. they will need to be adjusted to now look for access_token.

  • Please refer to the results of the authentication endpoint here. The endpoint now returns "access_token" in the response instead of "token".
  • Please refer to the sample api calls documented here.

Search Interface

  • Download cart funcionality was added. This it the intial release of this functionality and feed back for improvements would be welcome.
  • Improved search term suggestions displayed in the free text search box

Security Updates

  • ImmPort Authorization Service has been upgraded to be fully compliant with OAuth2 and OpenID Connect standard protocols
  • Please refer to the updated authentication endpoints here.

Study Registration Wizard

  • Added text box for users to enter study protocol text instead of uploading a file.
  • Added XLS/TSV options to upload row level data for planned visits, Inclusion/Exclusion, Arm/Cohort etc.
  • Added interactive feedback buttons to collect user feedback