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ImmPort delegates the operations of sign-in, token management and sign-out to a separate managed service called ImmPort Auth Service. It uses OAuth 2.0 and Open ID Connect 1.0 protocols to authenticate users and issue access tokens containing the user data and proper access policies.

Currently, ImmPort Auth service is employed by the following services and the users can benefit from the Single Sign-On functionality across these services.

  • ImmPort Web Applications
    • ImmPort Data Browser
    • ImmPort Data Manager
    • ImmPort User Administration
    • ImmPort Study Registration
  • JupyterLab Server
  • ImmPort SwaggerUI

Authentication Endpoints

The following table illustrates the OAuth 2.0 and Open ID Connect 1.0 endpoints available for use within ImmPort Auth service

Description Endpoint
openid configuration
user-name-attribute sub

Supported Grant Types

  • authorization_code
  • client_credentials
  • refresh_token

Available Scopes

  • openid
  • browse
  • download